My 1 st Marriage Collapsed Because I Married ‘Too Young’ , Says GO CAFM

Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Christian Action Faith Ministries ( CAFM) Nicholas Duncan Williams has given a chilly account of why his first Marriage to Mama Francisca broke down , revealing it was because he married as a ‘ boy ’ who was afraid of the temptation of falling into sin .
Archbishop Duncan - Williams and his first wife, ‘ Mama’ Francisca , in 2007 walked out of their 26 - year - old marriage due to what the Bishop said were “ irreconcilable differences . ”
The Papa, as he is known to his over 20 , 000 congregants far back in April 2008 , married Rosa Whitaker , the CEO and President of the Whitaker Group , a Washington , D .C . - based consultancy specializing in trade and investment in Africa .
Attempts to settle the divorce out of court failed , with murky details of the marriage playing out in the media and the US - based children of the couple joining the fight against their mother , whom they accused of mistreating their father and being the source of their marital problems.
In a letter read to the congregation in 2006 , Bishop Duncan- William said “ the challenges in my marriage are personal and shall remain private for the sake of our children and loved ones ,” noting however that “ the decision on my part was not taken in a haste without years of prayer, best efforts and Christian counseling ” .
More than 10 years on, Duncan -Williams , maintains he still believes in the sanctity of marriage.
He said , he married consciously but he did not know anything about the making up of marriage.
Archbishop Duncan - Williams stated that at age 24 , he was asked to marry in other not to fall into the trap of sin .
Quoting the scripture on marriage , he said : “For this reason, a man shall live his father and the mother and joined his wife ” , not a boy shall leave the father and mother and join his girl , ” he emphasized .
According to him , “ a matured man is a man who truly qualifies to be called a married man , insisting that a married man is a mature man and a mature man is one who is well developed mentally, economically , spiritually, physically , psychologically and emotionally strong. ”
He was speaking at the International Youth Empowerment Summit in Accra .
He added that marriage is not for boys because boys do not marry and that he was a boy in his first marriage.
According to the CAFM General Overseer , a man is truly the one who understands and takes responsibilities , takes full charge and control them without any external power while a mature man is always focused and decisive .
He contended that men marry for a tangible purpose but boys and most of young men of today marry because of sexual satisfaction and lust of the human flesh .
( GhanaWeb)
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