Homosexuality “ Poisoning” Nigerian Society – Primate

Most Rev . Nicholas Okoh, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria , Anglican Communion , says homosexuality is “ veritably poisoning ” the Nigerian society .
Okoh told the News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN ) in Abuja that the unlawful act was being fed by “ disintegration of social values and cultures. ’’
He blamed the development on the influence of western culture facilitated by the internet and satellite broadcasting .
“ Homosexuality hinders the progress of a nation and such ungodly images should never be shown in Nigeria.
“ It is pertinent to note that the advent of satellite broadcasting has continued to pose a serious challenge to our traditional cultures, religious values and our identity as a people .
“ Our youths are now being deceived by the international media with values that are at variance with our culture and the teachings of our religion ,” he said .
NAN recalls that homosexuality was outlawed during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan through the Same- Sex Marriage Prohibition Act (SSMPA ) of 2014 .
SSMPA bans gay marriage, same- sex “ amorous relationships” and membership of gay rights groups and prescribes penalties of up to 14 years in prison .
During a four - day official visit to the United States in July 2015 , President Muhammadu Buhari affirmed his administration ’s concurrence with the law .
He ruled out any chance of Nigeria being pressured by America or other Western powers into legalising homosexuality in the country .
Since then, many have gone on trial for alleged involvement in homosexuality.
There is , however , a growing acceptance of lesbian, gay , bisexual and transgender ( LGBT ) people in the country , according to a 2017 survey by NOI Polls .
The survey , which compared attitudes towards LGBT people in Nigeria against a 2015 poll, showed a seven per cent increase in their acceptance .
It also found a nine per cent rise to 39 per cent of those surveyed who think that LGBT people should be allowed equal access to health care, education and housing .
But Okoh said : “What is happening in the Nigerian society is a result of international influence and urbanisation .
“ As people move from villages to the cities , they are detached from their ancestral authority , parents , chiefs and others.
“Anti - social behaviours that used to be tackled are no longer tackled all because of modernisation ; essentially , people are destroying themselves ,” he said .
The primate urged Nigerians to imbibe the values of their traditional culture in the interest of future generations .
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