Ebenezer Obey , Relume Foundation , HOG Provide Succour To Idogo Community

… As 600 Adults , 500 Children Receive Quality Health Care
Chief Ebenezer Obey , along with other organisations , namely Relume Foundation and Household of God church, displayed their hospitality to the people of Idogo community. The two-day event , saw populace within and outside communities , thronged out in their large numbers to partake in the free healthcare scheme at the popular Idogo Community town hall , 572 adults and 523 children partook of the health care programs as medications and food supplies were distributed to participants . Over 150 students and 300 children received anti- worm medication , multivitamins and folic acid . Four persons were beneficiaries of hernia surgery and 15 people received cataract surgery courtesy Eye Foundation Clinic .
The programme, according to Obey, which was part of the activities lined up to celebrate the seventh year remembrance of his late wife , Pastor ( Mrs ) Juliana Olaide Obey- Fabiyi , did not only address peoples ’ various health problems , but the organisers also featured counseling and prayers session . Obey said : “the healthcare and spiritual care are both what man needs here on earth . People would go astray if the spiritual aspect of life is not taken care of or misbehave , and anytime man is doing what he is not supposed to do , he cannot be a happy person. When we relate to God knowing that He created us in His own image; He must direct our affairs. If we receive direction from God, we cannot go wrong. So , the spiritual aspect is very important and we thank God that we are able to balance that through the initiative . ”
The turnout has made it clear that the care that people need matters a lot. I thank God and also appreciate the Relume Foundation from the United States anchored by both Dr and Professor Adeosun , in conjunction with the Ebenezer Obey Evangelistic Ministry and the Household of God Church of Reverend Christe Okotie , in making this a reality .
Ebenezer Obey , Relume Foundation , HOG Provide Succour To Idogo Community Ebenezer Obey , Relume Foundation , HOG Provide Succour To Idogo Community Reviewed by Youngblogger on 07 September Rating: 5

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